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HI! I'm Meg. I have loved photography since the first time I picked up my Nikon FM-10 in high school. I'm 25 years old, an implant in Long Island, NY from small town Massachusetts who loves her babies (my puppy Frankenstein & my kitty Lucy) and bad-for-me foods. I hope you love my work as much as I love making it!

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Working With Reality TV Stars - 

I know most people would think it would be difficult and they’d be total divas. You see these people on tv, screaming and crying and punching other people and you think “they must be craaaazy bitches’ but how can we really know what they’re like in real life? 

I asked my friend - Melissa Schultz - a few years ago to do a shoot for her upcoming TV show Tough Love New Orleans, and it’s all history from there. 

Melissa & I go waaaaay back. When I was probably about 16 years old, my sister and I went to a casting call to be extras in a movie - “My Best Friend’s Girl” with Dance cook, Kate Hudson, and Jason Biggs. We were accepted and became prom dancers. Everyday, we’d drive to Boston and go through various steps before the actual shooting of the movie. My favorite part was getting fitted for the dresses. I have never seen so many fantastic dresses in one room - and I was going to get to wear one of them! After we got our dresses, it was finally time to film the movie. 

Every one would arrive bright and early to get our hair and makeup done and while standing in line the very first day I met Melissa. She was standing in front of my sister and I in line. We had a very long wait ahead of us for hair and makeup so we decided to make friends. From then on, we stayed together. From hair & makep to where we were sitting in the holding room, to where we were on the dance floor. 

We made a small group of friends through the days that we were there and tried to keep in touch as much as possible through social media (but honestly, what does that even mean anyway? facebook stalking through our news feed perhaps?) and then one day I was watching Vh1 and the commercial came on for Tough Love New Orleans. I started freaking out - I was like ” I KNOW THAT GIRL!” and then started bahahaha-ing in my usual fashion. I immediately sent her a facebook message and we set up a date to shoot. The rest is history. 

Melissa was actually the person who introduced me to Julie & Dan.

Julie is legitimately one of the best people I’ve ever worked with. Shes so unassuming and is just there to have fun. Shes a natural at posing and is obviously gorgeous. 

Dan was a laugh-riot. He was featured on “Making Mr. Right” on Vh1. I did a photo shoot for him alone and then I did a shoot with him and Melissa together (which is still one of my favorite shoots)

I’ve finally decided to re-vamp my dance portfolio. 

My youngest passion ever was dance. I’ve been dancing since the time I turned two years old. One of my oldest friends’ Aunts owned the local dance school - Ceil Sharon School of Dance. We started going to classes together as babies and grew up dancing there. Even after I graduated high school, I decided to go to college for dance and go back to my old studio at the end of the school year to dance in the recitals. It was such an enormous part of my life, and almost the only part that I could identify with at that age. It was the first place that I really felt like I was meant to be doing it. I was meant to be dancing. 

In college I began photographing other dancers. I would sit in on their rehearsals and photograph them in movement. I would hide in the stage corners at performances, camera in hand. It was almost as if I was making a photographic diary of my daily life. I was so passionate about dancing and photography that it just seemed the natural thing to do. Photographing dancers was just as much of my college career as actually dancing and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. 

Now that I’ve graduated college and have been on my own for a while, I haven’t had the opportunity to dance as much. It’s heartbreaking to not be constantly doing something you love but that’s not the path my life has taken, I’ve followed one passion and not the other. My photography has been growing exponentially since I’ve graduated and it’s such a pleasure to be able to do one thing that I truly love. 

A few months ago the woman who owned that dance studio passed away. She was such a strong, phenomenal role model for tons of little girls and boys, everyone who met and danced under her is a better person for it. It brought back memories I didn’t know I had - her teaching us the company piece in the parking lot & yelling at the honking cars as they passed, her asking me to be a student teacher and giving me the opportunity to blossom, and eventually - her offering me the scholarship to go to college for dance. So in honor of Ceil - I’m getting back into my dance roots. Combining my passions of dance and photography.

I urge you to follow your dreams and see where they take you - it might be somewhere unexpected but it will certainly be fantastic. 

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I know, I know, not very original but it’s the truth. Last weekend, I had the priveledge of going to my friend’s wedding in Chatham, Massachusetts.

Our relationship started on the first day of seventh grade when I was no where to be found. My grandfather had just passed away the day before school was to begin and I was unable to attend the first few days. One of my oldest friends, Lindsay Flynn, knew that I was going to be in her home room so she decided to save me a seat. As I’ve heard it, she had to fight tooth and nail from another girl to keep that seat open. That other girl was Sophia.

I finally arrived to my seventh grade classroom three days into the year. I was ecstatic that Lindsay had saved me a seat because I didn’t have any other really good friends in that class. Even though homeroom is only fifteen minutes out of the day, fifteen minutes to an eleven year old is an eternity. The first thing Sophia ever said to me was something along the lines of, “Thank goodness you’re real… I was beginning to worry.” And that was it, the beginning of a lifelong friendship.  

It all started there, thirteen years ago. Sophia and I were inseparable from that first day until the day that we graduated from high-school. We had a close knit group of friends, who were, in the eyes of others, probably a little strange, but to us - we were perfect. We spent all of our down time at each others houses. Sophia’s mother and father were like my parents, and my parents were like hers. I can remember sleeping over her house and sneaking out late at night to hang out with the other neighborhood kids. We’d vacation together ( in the Cape with her family and in Maine with mine) we’d get in trouble together, and we’d grow up together.

Admittedly, Sophia and I lost touch after high school. We still got together as often as possible and tried to be a part of each others college lives. I remember helping her move into her first apartment in Boston, and she drove up to Long Island to come see my dance show at school. As we got older, we did still see each other occasionally but we were rushing off somewhere or had something more important to do. 

Last Thanksgiving, all of my friends from high-school came together to have dinner and drinks. We went to this place in Framingham that we always went to if anyone was home and in the mood for a beer. Everyone was having a good time talking about ours lives, etc. What stood out most to me was Sophia grilling us all about if we were going to get married to our significant others. She proclaimed that she had met Gordon a little while ago and that she knew right away that they would be married. 

That’s why a few months ago, I was so thrilled to receive an invitation to Sophia’s wedding. I can’t tell you what I felt when I saw her walk down the aisle but I can tell you that it was fantastic being able to see my long lost best friend on her wedding day. She was so beautiful and so unbelievably happy. I can only hope that when I get married, she’ll be there to support me. So this post is dedicated to my best friends throughout my life, I love you all and I hope to be in your lives for as long as we live. Whether it be in the forefront or not - you are still my best friends, forever.

How to go from the first image to the second using only an online editor 

I swear by picmonkeyapp. And I firmly believe that most editing should be done in camera but in some instances, theres just nothing you can do. 
adobe recently came out with the new creative cloud, which gives you access to photoshop and others alike using a monthly fee. My biggest problem with that is that I’ve already paid for photoshop and can’t see myself shelling out 20$ a month for something that I already own. 

So, i find myself at an impass, to pay the fee, or continue editing with my favorite online editor picmonkeyapp

This morning, I decided to give each one a go - I’ve edited the photo both in photoshop (with additional programs used including a @alienskin and @imagenomic portraiture) and in Picmonkey. I can safely say that Picmonkey was the winner. It took me half the amount of time and energy and made the photo even better than I could have imagined. 

It does take a while to get the hang of it but once you do, it’s well worth the freeness of it. (And if you want all the extra bells and whistles, $5 a month is a fraction of the cost for photoshop)
Most people might think that as a professional photographer you’d be crazy to use a cheap on-line editor, but I think they’re crazy for not giving it a try.

check out picmonkeyapp here - and let me know what you think!

One of my first and favorite photographic inspirations ever - Isabel Munoz - #inspired #megraiano #fashionphotography #blackandwhite #whoisyourinspiration

Alice and the mad hatter! Photo by @megraiano Models @leahevans88 and @davehoffman